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Sec 3 Breakfast with Parents

Dear parents,
The slides shared during the “Breakfast with Parents” have been put up on our school’s Learning Management System.
Please log in to your daughter’s AsknLearn account using her NRIC/BC no. as the UserID and Smss2018 as the password. 
The slides can be found under “Announcements”.

Changes to Reporting and Dismissal Times for Students from Monday, 8 January onwards

The school will be implementing a white space which will serve dual purpose for students and teachers. This will take place on Wednesday mornings where teachers will meet for professional learning and development. Students will be able to report later on Wednesdays or use this time for self-study or group work discussions.

With the introduction of white space, the school reporting and dismissal times will undergo some changes as shown below with effect from 8 January: 

2018 School reporting time.jpg
As there is no change to school operation hours, students are strongly encouraged to take this opportunity to continue reporting at 7.30 am on Wednesdays for self-study and group work. 

2018 Term 1 Class Timetable

2018 Sec 1 PTM slides

To access the slides shown during the Sec 1 PTM on 4 January 2018, please click here.

2018 Sec 1 Registration Slides

To access the slides shown during the Sec 1 Registration on 22 December, please click here.