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‘Let Our Light Shine!’ 180th Anniversary Wall Mural

Mural 02.png

This 180th Anniversary commemorative mural was painted in 2022 by students and teachers from the Gear Up programme. The elements of the mural were designed based on the theme: ‘Let Our Light Shine!’.

A lighthouse stands firmly at the right of the mural. This centrepiece draws inspiration from Matthew 5:16 which reads ’Let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven’. This signifies our students’ desire to demonstrate the school value of showing care to others: to be a source of joy, hope and encouragement to people around them. It further serves as a reminder of our school motto of devotion, to remain steadfast in our commitment to uphold our beliefs and principles, regardless of the challenging situations around us. We must let our lives be a shining example to all around us. #BeALight

As a group, the flock of starlings successfully connects and cooperates to ward off predators. While there is leadership, there is no discernible leader. Our students are leaders who seek to serve and in so doing, strengthen others in the community. While being connected and contributing to the community, they grow into confident, creative and caring young ladies who will serve God, the Country and the Community. #BeConnected

To the left of the mural, we are presented with an abundant field, resplendent with blooming flowers. The first draws from Matthew 6:8 which reads ‘See how the flowers of the field grow. They do not labor or spin’. The lilies that dot the field are also representative of the lily of the valley from Song of Solomon 2:2 which reads ‘Like a lily among thorns is my darling among the young women’. It is a symbolic representation of our students’ dedication to uphold the school value of being resilient as they seek to thrive in difficult circumstances. #BeWell

Student Artists

Secondary 1 (2022)
S1-1 Sarah Chen Pin Yu
S1-5 Huang Kaixin
S1-5 Ong Qi Xuan Alexis (Wang Qixuan)
S1-5 Seri Nur Qaseh Binte Nasron
S1-5 Shevaun Leong En Qi
S1-5 Wong Sze Mun (Huang Shimin)
S1-6 Kim Zhi Qi Jenella
S1-6 Natalyn Cheng Yun En
S1-6 Ritz Rozana Binte Mohamed Farhan
S1-6 Roshinee
S1-7 Ainsley Pritalini D/O Rajkumar
S1-7 Chua Yi Xue, Belinda
S1-7 Lin Shilei, Delfina
S1-7 Nur Erika Ellyana Bte Muhammad Ridzuan
S1-7 Siti Balqis Binte Mohamad Amir
S1-7 Tiara Erliana Binte Effendi
S1-7 Verlyn Tan Jing En

Secondary 2 (2022)
S2-3 Abigayle Ng Mei En 
S2-3 Kyra Santhanam 
S2-3 Leanne Lim Ci-En
S2-3 Lily Anne Timms
S2-3 Low Rae-Ann 
S2-6 Amanda Ng Yu Ting 
S2-6 Gwenifer Mak Rui Er
S2-6 Tunku Nur'elieza Angeliena Binti Tunku
S2-6 Lee Xiang Ting Daphne
S2-6 Nabilah Amirah Binte Safarudin
S2-7 Harshini D/O Dhavarajah
S2-7 Goh Mae Vee, E'zanne
S2-7 Lim Yi Hui Olivia

Secondary 3 (2022)
S3-7 Bavithira D/O Manimaran
S3-7 Farisha Edora Binte Effendi
S3-7 Nur Putri Batrisya Alias
S3-9 Dannia Sabrina Binte Desmanto
S3-9 Daryn Irintricia Binte Ilham
S3-9 Hildasyaza Dwiyanti Binte Hidir
S3-9 Nur Atiqah Aleysha Binte Mohamad Azli
S3-9 Nur Billah Izzah Binte Kamarujaman
S3-9 Nur Dian Binte Mohamad Amir
S3-9 Rabiyath Tahseenah Nachiar Binte Syed Muhammad Ali Maricar
S3-9 Saloni Radhakrishnan Naidu
S3-9 Sarah Shivani
S3-9 Tharanya D/O Bala Murugan
S3-9 Zaidah Binte Mohamed Zakaria