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Alumni Staff

(From Left to Right)


Row 1 (seated):               Miss Chan Lye Yong, Miss Tan Ah Fong


Row 2 (standing):            Mdm Yeo Shu Ling, Miss Anna Shen, Mrs Elizabeth Yang, Miss Florence Chang, Miss Chiam Pei Ping

If you were to ask us if there is a difference between teaching in our alma mater and in another school, our answer would be a resounding ‘Yes!’.  The strong foundation in Christian values and sense of identity and history are what we cannot find elsewhere.


Coming back as young staff, we are faced with the fact that the teachers we used to keep our distance from have now become our colleagues and it is awkward, to say the least. Fortunately, there is something special here in St. Margaret’s that keeps us young. Miss Chiam Pei Ping, our school counsellor says that it was easy to transit from student to colleague as her teachers have remained so youthful. (If you are an ex-student, this is a thought you would definitely agree with!)


There might be many who also ask us why we wanted to return to St. Margaret’s to work. However, the question might not really be why we wanted to come back, but rather, why we stay. The alumnae you see in this picture represent many generations of St. Margaret’s students and perhaps this is the answer. Seeing St. Margaret’s through the years and following her growth and development as a student then as part of her staff is quite an extraordinary experience. The bond that we form as fellow St. Margaret’s alumnae is a complex one, because we are not only alumnae, we were once students of teachers who are now our colleagues and friends.


“St. Margaret’s has provided me with a strong foundation in Christian values, most memorably through the commitment and love of her teachers. Some of my best memories were of my time in the Drama Club, where I learnt the meaning of being confident and creative, growing and glowing for God, and how to work with a diverse group of people to achieve common goals. I thank God for placing me in St. Margaret’s and for giving me the opportunity to give back to the school by being a teacher myself now.” – Mrs Elizabeth Yang