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2022 Direct School Admission Exercise (DSA-Sec)

for admission to St. Margaret’s Secondary School in 2023

Direct School Admission for secondary schools (DSA-Sec) allows students to gain direct entry to certain secondary schools based on their talent in sports, CCAs and specific academic areas. Students who wish to seek admission to St. Margaret’s Secondary School based on their talents are invited to apply through the MOE 2022 Direct School Admission Exercise (DSA-Sec).

DSA-Sec talent areas offered by St. Margaret’s Secondary School


Talent Areas



Chinese Dance


Concert Band

English Drama

Indian Dance

Malay Dance

Modern Dance

String Ensemble

Visual Art








You can view the listing of our CCAs and our students’ CCA achievements for more details.

Choosing of DSA Schools

Parents and students are encouraged to choose schools wisely based on the student’s aptitudes and strengths, bearing in mind the schools’ academic and non-academic requirements, and the programmes available to develop the area of talent.

Students who are successfully admitted to the school via DSA are expected to honour their commitment to the school, and participate in the activities related to the talent they are selected for from Year 1 to 4. 

Application Process

For 2022, application for DSA-Sec can be submitted through the online DSA-Sec Portal. The application is free-of-charge and will be open from 5 May, 11am to 1 June, 3pm 2022. For more details, please refer to the MOE DSA-Sec website.


Applicants do not need to submit supporting documents to complete their application, except for Visual Arts (please see selection criteria for Visual Arts).  After submitting your online application, you will receive confirmation of receipt of your DSA application. You may wish to print or download a copy of the confirmation for your future reference.

Selection Process & Criteria

Only shortlisted applicants will be notified via post/email to undergo the selection process. They will be given at least one week’s notice prior to their audition/trial date.  

Shortlisted applicants are expected to adhere to the given audition/trial date and time. Applicants who are absent will no longer be considered for admission via DSA.  

Shortlisted applicants may be required to present evidence of non-school-based activities and achievements during the interview.

All auditions / trials / interviews will be conducted in-person from Friday 1 July to Friday 5 August 2022. Please refer to the Aesthetics and Sports talent areas for details on the selection process and criteria

General Procedure & Timeline

1DSA-Sec Application Period
5 May 2022 to 
1 June 2022
2Auditions/ Trials/ Interviews for shortlisted applicants
1 July 2022 to
5 August 2022
3Application Outcome via post/email By 12 September 2022 
4Receipt of School Preference Form (through student's primary school) End October 2022 
5Submission of School Preference Form (through MOE online system OR completed hardcopy to student's primary school)End October 2022 
6Releases of DSA-SEC Allocation Results End November 2022 

Contact Details

Please refer to our FAQ if you require further information on DSA applications to SMSS.  

For further queries, please contact:

Administration Manager 
Ms Doreen Owyong
Tel: 6466 4525