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Financial Matters

School Fees For Academic Year 2023

School Fee
Miscellaneous Fee (S$)Autonomous School Fee (S$)
Total Payable
Singapore Citizen520328
Singapore PR500 20 523 
 IS (ASEAN)91020 933
 IS (Non-ASEAN)1,770 20 1,793 

Annual school fees payable is spread over 12 months of the academic year. Students who are admitted on or before 5th February will have to pay fees from January. Those who withdraw on or after 5th October will have to pay fees for October, November and December. The preferred
mode of payment is GIRO.

Singapore Citizen students can choose to pay the second-tier miscellaneous fees and the school autonomous fees from their Edusave account.

Please approach the school General Office to speak with Ms Jane Loh for the Edusave Standing Order form or to write to loh_yoke_cheng@moe.edu.sg.

Details on the Payment Modes of School Fees 

Payment ModeDetails
 Interbank GIROAccount holders from the following banks can sign up for the GIRO scheme with MOE through eGIRO:
  • Bank of China (BOC) 
  • DBS Bank or POSB 
  • Maybank -                      
  • Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation Limited (OCBC) 
  • Standard Chartered Bank (SCB)                      
  • Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited (HSBC)
  • United Overseas Bank (UOB) 
Other bank account holders will need to complete a GIRO application form and submit the original signed form to the school.

There is no need to submit a new application if students are already on GIRO.

Deductions will be made on the 26th of each month (February – December). If the 26th is a weekend or public holiday, the deduction will happen on the next working day. There is no deduction in January as the fees for January and February are combined into one bill for deduction in February. Please ensure that there are sufficient funds in the bank account for deduction.

 SingPost SAM Wed, Kiosk or Mobile AppSingPost SAM Web

Website: https://www.mysam.sg

  • Create and log in to your SAM account 
  • Select ‘Payments’ 
  • Select ‘Ministry of Education’ under ‘Education’ 
  • Select ‘Student Bill’ 
  • Follow the on-screen instructions   

SingPost SAM Kiosks
  • At the kiosk, Select ‘Payments’
  • Select ‘Ministry of Education’ under ‘Education’
  • Select ‘Student Bill’ 
  • Follow the on-screen instructions
Singpost Mobile App 
  • Download SingPost mobile app from AppStore or Google Play 
  • Create an account using your mobile number 
  • Select ‘Pay with SAM’ icon 
  • Log in with your 6-digit account PIN
  • Select ‘Education’, followed by ‘Ministry of Education’
  • Select ‘MOE-Student Bill’ Follow the on-screen instructions 
SGQR Code Scan the QR code on the bill and pay using any of the listed mobile applications
  • Launch your preferred payment app from those shown in the bill -
  • Scan the SGQR 
  • Check that you are paying to ‘Ministry of Education’ -                   
  • Follow the on-screen instructions
Please note: The SGQ code is unique to each bill. Always use the SGQR code on the latest bill so that your payment will be updated promptly. 

Cash / Cheque / Cashier’s Order 
  • Please make payment at the School General Office (11.00am – 2.30pm). 
  • Bring along the MOE bill and the exact amount for quick processing. 
  • Cheque or Cashier’s Order should be made payable to ‘Ministry of Education’. 
  • Students are to make sure that they obtain a receipt for payment of fees by cash/cheque/cashier’s order.

For enquiries on the payment of School Fees (MOE Bill) and School Bill, please contact Ms Jane Loh or Ms Sumitra Shasi Kumar at telephone number 6466 4525.

Registration for PayNow

With the increasing digitalisation of government services, MOE would like to encourage all parents to register their children’s bank account with PayNow using the children’s BC/NRIC number. The activation of PayNow will facilitate the prompt disbursement of monies (e.g. Edusave award) for the child, and avoid delays through the filling in and processing of forms or from physical visits to banks for the deposit of cheques.

Insurance Coverage for Students

Each student is covered with a Group Personal Accident (GPA) Insurance which provides coverage when she is:

(a) in school;

b) participating in the school’s activities, or any activity related to the school, including home-based learning and blended learning, Co-curricular Activities (CCAs) and sports, regardless of the time at which such activities are conducted and whether the activity is conducted in the school, in Singapore, or elsewhere;

c) commuting from (or to) her place of residence, including a hostel, to (or from) either the school’s premises or the place where an activity covered by the GPA Insurance will be conducted, including any reasonable deviations. For the avoidance of doubt, the student’s place of residence may include a place that is not in Singapore.

All claims should be submitted as soon as possible subjected to a cap of 365 days from the date
of accident.

Submission of claims can be done online via Income’s GPA portal