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PSLE Scoring

The new PSLE Scoring and S1 Posting System took effect in 2021. Please go to this link to obtain more information. 

Indicative Scoring

A new PSLE scoring system has been implemented since 2021 in which students will be scored by Achievement Levels (AL) based on their individual performance in the PSLE subjects, regardless of how their peers have done. The table below shows the PSLE Cut-off Point for the various streams:

ExpressNormal (Academic)Normal (Technical) ExpressNormal (Academic)Normal (Technical)

Students can also consider the Direct School Admission (DSA)-Secondary as an alternative admission pathway. The DSA recognises students' diverse talents and achievements in areas that are not demonstrated at the PSLE, such as sports, performing arts and leadership. 

Aside from the PSLE scores, there are other equally important factors when considering what would be a good fit for your child’s overall learning needs. For example, the schools' distinctive programmes, Co-Curricular Activities, ethos and culture, as well as home-school distance. For a more holistic understanding of our school, please visit the St. Margaret’s Secondary School Schoolfinder link.

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