Past Events

Racial Harmony Day 2018

Health Week (21 - 24 May 2018)

Valentine's Day Sale 2018

Appreciation Tea (14 October 2017)

Health Week

Racial Harmony Day (25 July 2017)


175th Anniversary Funfair (3 June 2017)

Mother's Day Sale (11 and 12 May 2017)

Cross Country 2017

Valentine's Day Sale

Valentine's Day is not only a day for couples but celebrated by all who wish to show care. 

Our parents held a sale of small toys and such. The girls enjoyed buying the items and looked forward to presenting them to loved ones.

Looks like both the parent volunteers and the students had a good time!

PSG Lo Hei 2017

Teachers' Day Sale

Teachers Day Sale.jpg

Prima Taste Cooking Workshop

Prima Taste.jpg

Racial Harmony Day Celebration


Racial Harmony Day.jpg

Health Week


1HEALTH WEEK (2).jpg

Gardenia Tour


Mother's Day Sale