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SMSS In the News

Taking the plunge into art and films


Ms Wahyuni Hadi was an ex-student of SMSS, She is currently the executive director of the Singapore International Film and director at the Festival Objectifs Centre for Photography and Film and sits on the board of The Substation and youth development organisation *Scape in Orchard Link. She was also the co-producer of 'Ilo Ilo', a movie which won the Camera d'Or award for best debut feature at the Cannes Film Festival.




Youth Entrepreneurship (YES) Challenge 2015


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The YES Challenge organised by the Singapore Polytechnic Business School aims to foster the spirit of entrepreneurship and provides a platform for secondary school students to conceive of and implement their business ideas. As one of the finalists in the competition, our students were given the opportunity to carry out their business idea. The theme of the competition ‘Can You Sell It?’ saw our students create tie-dyed canvas bags with a seed fund of $800 which they sold in school and online. Posting the highest sales in the competition, our students emerged as Champions and were awarded $1000 in cash and the YES Challenge Shield. The students have kindly donated their winnings totaling $1250 to the school. The students who participated in the competition are as follows: 

Sabrina Tang Seng Ooi (Team Leader)
Shayna Heng Hui Ern
Lee Zhi Yan
Cheyenne Jewel Lim Su-Ann
Nekeisha Ng Yue Ning  3/3





We congratulate Miss Balvinder Kaur, our SMSS teacher, who is also a member of our alumnae. Miss Kaur has been awarded the Pacific Andes Book Prize at the NIE Teachers' Investiture Ceremony. She topped the class of 2015 in Geography and attained a credit in her practicum.  






 The group photo on the bottom right 

shows our

Principal, Mdm Lee Lin Yee

(front row, fifth from the right) with the award.

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Daphne Khoo was an ex-student of SMSS and

graduated from the school in 2003 

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