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MOE Masterplan of Awards


 School Distinction Award



 (Since 2008)


St. Margaret’s Secondary School has been recognised for having well-integrated and sustainable school processes and practices that have provided useful educational and developmental outcomes for our students. We have distinguished ourselves in having achieved overall systemic excellence in providing holistic education.


 Best Practice Awards


Best Practice Awards.png


For our effective processes and systems which led to desirable education outcomes, academic or non-academic, St. Margaret’s Secondary has been awarded The Best Practice Award in the following categories: Character & Citizenship Education, Staff Well-Being & Development, Partnership, Teaching & Learning and Student All-Round Development.


 Character Development Award



       (Since 2009)


St. Margaret’s Secondary School has been awarded the Character Development Award in recognition of our efforts in developing good character through effective leadership, culture and systems, processes and structures in our students.



 Sustained Achievement Awards



Express and Normal (Academic)

(Since 2004)


(Since 2009)


(Since 2008)


(Since 2007) 


For our efforts in sustaining good academic and non-academic outcomes over a number of years, St. Margaret’s Secondary School has been awarded The Sustained Achievement Award in the following categories: Academic Value-Added (Express), and Academic Value-Added (Normal (Academic), Uniformed Group, Sports and Aesthetics.