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Character Development

The aim of the Character Development Programme is the holistic development of our students. Character development permeates all facets of school-life and is an integral part of the planning process in many of our programmes.

Our long-term character development framework marks out our plans to develop our students in personal responsibility, social responsibility and leadership development.

St. Margaret’s Secondary School is a school rich in heritage, with a history strong in care and concern, and this is demonstrated in the school’s community service programme. To ensure that our students are prepared to take on the world, the school actively exposes our students to various programmes integral in helping them build strength in character. With a strong career guidance programme, an extensive network of overseas exchanges, a progressive leadership programme and a dynamic CCA programme, the school aims to develop young ladies who are confident, creative and caring.

The school has a developmental programme that trains all students in leadership and moulds selected students in their roles as Student Leaders. Through workshops, conferences and camps, leaders are trained to facilitate and lead in projects.

We offer exciting CCAs including Tennis, Netball, Fencing, Girls’ Brigade, Girl Guides, and Agape Club.

St. Margaret’s Secondary School has embarked on various Overseas Outreach Programmes involving arts and cultural exchanges as well as community service and learning opportunities. Long-term partnerships are forged with overseas institutions in various countries.

A comprehensive Education and Career Guidance Programme comprising work attachment, job shadowing and seminars are in place for students to learn valuable life skills and prepare for the world beyond school. Our Career Guidance Programme has launched a number of cutting-edge activities and has been benchmarked by several schools.