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Learning Community

St. Margaret's Secondary School offers a unique educational experience that seeks to nurture collaborative learners capable of critical and independent thought. The school curriculum aims to meet the demands of an economy that is constantly changing. Thus, school programmes are designed to develop adaptable learners who are able to apply knowledge and skills acquired in the classroom to authentic situations and real-world problems. School programmes are also designed to help students gain a deeper understanding of subject matter and see the broad connections between different fields of knowledge and everyday experience. The St. Margaret’s Secondary School student can look forward to learner-centered and activity-based lessons that encourage them to reflect on issues and be more appreciative of different perspectives.

Critical Thinking Programme

Critical Thinking (CT) is a key aspect of learning and the CT framework is embedded in the pedagogy for some subjects, including Secondary Two Project Work. In these subjects, students learn to make distinctions between organised thoughts and purposeful thinking. The result is the development of a mind that is able to think critically across different domains. In Project Work (PW), our students can choose between competitive or non-competitive PW domains. In both domains, students have the option of exploring their interest in Humanities, Science, Mathematics and the English Language. Over the course of the project, students are taught to apply analytical skills and consider different perspectives in order to come up with solutions to real-world problems.

Environmental and Life Sciences Programme

The Science and Humanities Departments have designed several experiential programmes that enhance students’ understanding of scientific and environmental concepts. In the school’s Environmental and Life Sciences Programme, students are also encouraged to be committed to improving the environment and standards of living. Partnerships with NParks, learning journeys to various scientific institutes around Singapore and research attachment opportunities with Singapore Polytechnic and the Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology are also part of the programme.

Drama Programme

The St. Margaret’s Secondary School Drama Programme takes students on a learning journey that spans acting, directing, writing, critique, stage management and production design, among many others. Students study different styles of theatre and develop their own unique creative voice.

In Secondary Two, students are taught the Elements of Drama through the exploration of Commedia dell’arte. Commedia dell’arte or “comedy of skills” is an improvisational style of theatre which began in sixteenth century Italy and flourished in Europe for 200 years. It is a physical theatrical art form which is fun and requires students to experiment with various movements of the body.

In Secondary Three and Four, students are introduced to other Drama methodologies and practitioners. Students explore Bertolt Brecht and Epic Theatre; Russian practitioner, Constantin Stanislavski's ideas of naturalistic performances that were as realistic as possible. Students will gain an appreciation and respect for a wide range of dramatic styles, forms, processes, practices and values through practical experience and develop skills and values for theatre making and lifelong learning.

Environment Education Programme

St. Margaret's Secondary School also actively promotes the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) through meaningful programmes in our Environment Education Programme. The school's Environment Education Advisers (EEAs), NYAA environment leaders and class environment representatives spearhead the rest of the student body to participate in activities that promote the 3Rs and to create awareness among our students to reduce waste through upcycling of plastics, paper, glass and metals. An example of such an activity would be involving our class monitors from all levels to set up booths in the canteen to sell upcycled items.