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Aesthetics Development

With our niche in the Visual and Performing Arts, St. Margaret’s Secondary School provides different platforms to develop our students’ artistic sensibilities.

At the lower secondary level, students’ skills and confidence in drawing, painting, hatching and colour rendering are developed.  They also learn to manipulate Art software programmes such as Photoshop to enhance their artwork.  

The highlights of the Lower Secondary General Music programme include the playing of instruments, learning about the elements of music and creative music making. Students also learn to harness the use of technology to enhance their performance-related activities. 

We offer GCE 'O' Level Art, Drama, Music (and Higher Music) to our Upper Secondary students as optional subjects. Lessons are conducted within our school. 

St. Margaret’s Secondary School makes the effort to expose students to as many art forms as possible. This is achieved through various enrichment activities held during the post-exam period.  Artistes and artists are also invited to showcase and share with students their passion in a range of art forms. 

We offer nine different Arts CCAs, namely Indian DanceChinese DanceMalay DanceModern DanceCreative Art ClubEnglish DramaConcert BandString Ensemble and Choir. Qualified instructors provide training in the different skills pertaining to each art form. Opportunities are also provided for students to showcase their talents such as at in-house concerts and SYFgoesOnline!