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Academic Awards


Name of Competition / Award(s)Recognition
12th Goodtalk (Global Village) International Children & Youth Bilingual Speech ConferenceBronze Award - 3 students
Most Promising Speech Award - 2 students


Name of Competition/Award(s)Recognition
The Queen's Commonwealth Essay Competition 2020
Bronze - 7 students
Silver - 13 Students
Gold - 5 students 
Singapore Poetry Festival Chinese Language   
15- to 18- Year-Old Category – 1st Prize - 1 student
15- to 18- Year-Old Category – 2nd Prize - 1 student
15- to 18- Year-Old Category – 3rd Prize - 1 student
10- to 14-Year-Old Category – 2nd Prize - 1 student
10- to 14-Year-Old Category – 3rd Prize - 1 student
The National Primary and Secondary School Essay Competition co-organised by Singapore Middle School Chinese Teachers' Association and the Committee to Promote Chinese Language Learning. Merit Award - 1 Student 
National Creative Story Writing Competition for Secondary Schools organised by Committee to Promote Chinese Language Learning (CPCLL) and the Singapore Centre for Chinese Language (SCCL) Secondary 1 to 2 Category – Excellence Award - 1 student
Create Your Own Competition organised by LianHeZaoBaoLower Secondary - 3rd Placing - 5 students
Upper Secondary - 1st Placing - 5 students 
PX Challenge organised by Gifted Education Branch, MOE and SUTD Kahoot Quiz (Top 3) - 1 student 
Science Teen Challenge organised by ACJCTop 30 Videos - 1 student 
MOE History Talent Development Programme (HTDP)
HTDP Scholars - 2 students
3rd Text Recital Competition for Primary and Secondary Schools 
Individual Preliminary Round – Silver - 2 students
Individual Preliminary Round – Bronze - 1 student
Team Preliminary Round – Silver - 6 students 
Team Preliminary Round – Bronze - 3 students
Finals  – Champion - 1 student
Indian Speech Competition 2020 organised by the Tamil Library Services, National Library Board 
Upper Secondary Category - 1st Prize - 1 student
Lower Secondary - 3rd Prize 1 student
International Mathematical Modelling Challenge Commendation - 4 students 
Unity Science Innovation Challenge 2019 - 2020 
Merit - 4 students
12th International Science Youth Forum Organised by Hwa Chong Institution
Representing School and Singapore - 3 students
11th Global Village Children & Youths Bilingual Speech Competition
Preliminary - Participation - 1 student
Preliminary – Silver - 3 students
Finals - Silver - 1 student
Finals - Gold - 1 student


Name of Competition/Award(s)    Recognition
National Cyber Wellness Advocacy Challenge 2019Silver Award - 4 students
National Creative Story Writing Competition for Secondary Students Jointly organised by Singapore Centre for Chinese Language (SCCL) and the Committee to Promote Chinese Language Learning (CPCLL)Group A (Secondary 1 - 2) – Excellence Award - 1 student
Rakan Bahasa (Friends of the Language) Organised by Malay Language Council Singapore 
Certificates of Accomplishment – Junior Language Ambassadors - 2 students
Toy Design Competition 2019 Organised by Singapore PolytechnicCommendation Prize - 4 students
UNSW REACH Assessment for EnglishExemplary Award - 6 students
Outstanding Award - 21 students
UNSW REACH Assessment for WritingExemplary Award - 6 students
Outstanding Award - 12 students
UNSW REACH Assessment for MathematicsExemplary Award - 10 students
Outstanding Award - 71 students
University of New South Wales (UNSW)         
REACH Assessment for Science
Outstanding Achievement Award - 9 students
Plain English Speaking Award (PESA) 2019
Upper Secondary Category: 1st runner up - 1 student
MOE History Challenge 2019 Certificate of Participation - 4 students 
MOE’s History Talent Development Programme - 1 student
National Creative Story Writing Competition for Secondary Students co-organised by Singapore Centre for Chinese Language (SCCL) and the Committee to Promote Chinese Language Learning (CPCLL) 
Group A (Secondary 1 - 2) - Excellence Award - 1 student 
National Schools Literature Festival 2019 Upper Secondary Unseen Debate – Winner
Category 2: Choral Reading – Bronze

Energy Innovation Challenge 2019 organised by Institution of Engineers, Singapore (IES) and Science Centre Singapore Category 1 (Secondary Section) – Merit Award
Baden-Powell AwardAward Attained In 2018
Award Attained In 2019 
Periyar Sayings Recital Competition organised by Periyar Community Service of SingaporeLower Secondary Category – 2nd 
Lower Secondary Category – 3rd
Lower Secondary Category – Certificate Of Participation
My Story 2019 Mandarin Public Speaking Competition Organised by Speak Mandarin Campaign and Noontalk MediaTop 6 Finalist & Best Story Award (Judges' Choice) - 1 student 

Top 6 Finalist - Wee Yi Xuan S2-1

全国新诗创作比赛 National Poetry Competition1st - 1 student 3rd - 2 students

Merit Award - 3 students

Peacemakers Conference 20192nd  - 2 students
Certificate of Participation - 9 students

Eco-guides for Eco-Town at Punggol organised by Housing Development Board
Certificate of Appreciation - 9 students
Chinese Creative Writing with Photography Competition 2019Lower Secondary Category – 1st Prize - 1 student 
Tamil Language Competitions Organised by Tampines GRC IAECSsOratorical Contest and Proverb Recital Category - First Prize - 1 student
Oratorical Contest – Consolation Prize - 1 student

2019 A*STAR Science Award (Upper Secondary) 2 students 
Creative Arts Seminar 2 shortlisted students 
Naanum Oru Padaippaali (NOP) - A Budding Writers’, Scriptwriters’ & Poets’ Programme  (Tamil Language)Budding Writer – Silver Award
Budding Writer - Certificate of Participation - 1 student
Budding Artiste – Silver Award - 3 students
Social Media Challenge Organised by Republic Polytechnic 
2nd Runner-up -  4 students
National Mandarin Oratorical Contest for Secondary/ Higher School 
1st Prize - 1 student
Certificate of Participation - 1 student
 ITE IgnITE Skills Challenge 2019Data Visualisation - 2nd Runner-Up  - 2 students
Singapore Youth Festival 2019 Youth Station ProjectHonourable Mention
Singers and Songwriters
Song Title – Soul Sisters 

Certificate of Participation
Singers and Songwriter
Song Title – Drowning

Certificate of Participation
Singers and Songwriters
Song Title – Change
Maths Challenge 2019 Organised by Ngee Ann Polytechnic 
School Overall – 3rd
Team 1 – Session 1 Quiz – 3rd
Team 2 – Session 1A Alpha Blast – 1st
Team 3 – Session 1 Quiz – 2nd

Poetry Recital Contest 2019Word for Word Translation – 2nd 
Writing News Contest – Consolation
Tamil Language Interschool Competitions 2019 Organised by Raffles InstitutionSchool Overall - Challenge Trophy
Oratorical Competition (Upper Secondary Category) – 1st
Essay Writing Competition – 2nd
Oratorical Competition (Lower Secondary Category) – 3rd
Drama Competition - 4 students

Destination Imagination 2019Service Learning Challenge 2019
- Middle Level Category – Champions - 7 students

Global Village” Children and Youth Bilingual Speech Conference 2018/2019
Beijing International Finals
Global Youth Diplomatic Ambassador Award - 1 student
Global Youth Diplomatic Contribution Award - 1 student
Piala Cendekia Sahibba organised by Woodgrove Secondary School 
South Zone – 4th 
Rentas Pantas Competition organised by NTU’s Malay Language and Cultural Society
Certificate of Participation 
8th International Biomedical Quiz Organised by ACJC Science and Mathematics Council
Silver Award - 1 student
Unity Scientific Innovation Challenge with SP & ERI@N USPE 2019
Best Presentation Award - 4 students
Most Innovative Solution Award - 4 students


Name of Competition/Award(s)Recognition
“Global Village” Children and Youth Bilingual Speech Conference 2018/2019 
Singapore Station Final – 1st - 1 student
Certificate of Participation - 3 students

Future Problem Solving ProgrammeHonourable Mention - 6 students
Green Wave Environmental Care Competition 2018 Organised by Sembcorp Marine Certificate of Participation - 8 students 
2018 Media Computing Competition Animation Competition Bronze Award 
University of New South Wales (UNSW) Global English Assessment - English Comprehension
High Distinction - 1 student
Distinction - 16 students  
University of New South Wales (UNSW) Global English Assessment - Writing 
Top Scorer for Secondary 2 in Singapore
High Distinction - 2 students
Distinction - 11 students
University of New South Wales (UNSW) Global Mathematics AssessmentDistinction - 38 students 
University of New South Wales International Science Competition 2018Certificate of Distinction - 6 students 
National Schools Literature Festival 2018
Lower Secondary: Book Parade – 3rd - 6 students
Lower Secondary: Book Trailer – 2nd - 9 students
Upper Secondary: Unseen Debate – 1st - 4 students
Upper Secondary: Set Text Debate – 1st - 4 students

2018 National On-The-Spot Chinese Story Writing Competition 
Merit Award – Top 15 Finalists
Toy Design Competition 2018 Organised by Singapore Polytechnic Toy Design Category (Automata) Commendation Award - 3 students
Toys Design (Playground) Commendation Award - 2 students
Singapore Story Maps Challenge 2018 Organised by National Library Board Top 10 Teams and Merit Award - 4 students
Bitara Kata App Competition Organised by Malay Language Centre of Singapore.Certificate of Participation - 5 students
Pesta Pantun Competition organised by the NUS Malay Language Society
Qualified for Semi-finals - 4 students
Poetry Recital Competition 2018 organised by Kavimaalai Singapore 1st
Tamil Language Inter-school Competition organised by Raffles Institution
- Oratorical (Upper Secondary Category)

- Essay Writing Competition4th 
Tamil News Writing Competition 2018 organised by the Association of Singapore Tamil Writers 2nd
11th International Model United Nations Conference Hosted and organised by Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)Best Newcomer Delegation - 8 students
Verbal Commendation - 1 student
Healthy Sandwich Making Competition Organised by SMSS F&N Unit   
Champions - S2-6
2nd - S2-7
3rd - S2-5
Ignite Skills Challenge 2018 Organised by the Institute of Technical Education Mad for Mocktail - Champions - 3 students
Flower Power - Finalists - 3 students
Destination Imagination – Inside Impact Service Learning Challenge Competition 2018

Middle Level Category – 2nd

2018 A*STAR Science Award (Upper Secondary)  2 students 

ProveIt! Contest

Organised by the National Library Board 

Finals - 2nd 
Sorkalam - National Tamil Debate 2018

Grand Finals – 2nd

Semi Finals – Best Speaker

Quarter Finals – Winner
1st Preliminary Round – Best Speaker
2nd Preliminary Round – Best Speaker 
International Biomedical Quiz 2018Category 1 Individual – Silver
Category 1 Individual – Gold 
NUS Geography Challenge 2018
Top 50 Schools Finalists (Preliminary Round) - 4 students
Bronze Award - 2 students



Name of Competition/Award(s) Recognition
10th International Science Youth Forum @ Singapore  Certificate of Participation - 3 students
Community Problem Solving Competition 2017  Certificate of Honourable Mention - 6 students
Singapore National Youth Championship 2017  Under 15 Champion for 2 Consecutive Years (2016 & 2017) - 1 student
Historical Scene Investigation Challenge 2017 
5th position - 4 students
National Financial Literacy Competition 2017  Cash Flow Game - Top 20  
Republic Polytechnic – Marketing Innovation Challenge 2017 
Merit Award (for Top 5 teams) and Finalists Finalists (top 20 teams)

Media Computing Competition 2017
Game Category – Silver Award 
University of New South Wales Mathematics Competition
High Distinctions - 6 students
Distinctions - 23 students

All Singapore Secondary Mathematics Competition for Normal Course Students 2017  1st in Lower Secondary Normal Technical Individual Category 
Singapore Mathematical Society Singapore Mathematical Olympiad 2017
Honourable Mention Singapore Mathematical Olympiad (Junior Section) 
University of New South Wales (UNSW) Science Assessment 2017 
Distinction - 1 student
Distinction - 11 students
Tamil Representative Council Academic Excellence Award  Excelled in 2016 GCE ‘NA’ Level Examinations with Distinction in Tamil Language 
University of New South Wales (UNSW) English Assessment – Writing 2017 
High Distinction – Medal Winner
High Distinction - 2 students
Distinction - 4 students
University of New South Wales (UNSW) English Assessment – Comprehension 2017 
Distinction - 19 students
High Distinction - 1 student 
Tampines Indian Executive Committees Tamil Language Inter-school Competitions 2017
Oratorical Competition – 1st Prize
Singing Competition – Consolation 
Periyar Community Service of Singapore Tamil Language Inter-school Competitions 2017 

Reading Competition - 1st Prize 
Consolation - 2 students
Inter-school Chinese Essay Writing Competition 2017 By Tua Pek Kong Keng Management Council and Boon Lay Community Club  Merit Award
编采比赛/ Create Your Own Newspaper Competition organised by the Committee to Promote Chinese Language Learning 3rd Prize - 4 students 
Inter-schools Story-telling/ Writing Programme  Work selected and published in “Equatorial Wind” - 3 students
Royal Commonwealth Essay Writing Competition 
Senior Category - Bronze
Junior Category - Gold 
Anugerah Mendaki 2017 Award 
For excelling in 2016 GCE O Level Exams
Nooha Rashanah 2016 S4-6
Ummul Sharmeen Farha Binte Abdul Wahid 2016 S4-4 
National Arts Council – National Music Competition 2017   Indian Musical Instrument – Venna Solo Immediate Category - 2nd Prize  
Budding Artiste – Script Writing Competition   Silver Award - 1 student
Budding Writers – Short Story Writing Competition  
Silver Award - 1 student
Certificate of Participation - 1 student 
Association of Singapore Tamil Writers - Kamban Poetry Competition 2017
1st Prize - 1 student
Certificate of Participation - 1 student
Singapore Polytechnic Toy Design Competition 2017   Toy Design Category (Automata) - Commendation 
National Schools Literature Festival 2017  Book Trailer - 1st - 6 students
  Choral Poetry - 2nd - 10 students
  Set Text Debate – 1st -  4 students
39th International C.B. Paul Science Quiz 2017  Category 2 Individual Honourable Mention: 1 student 
Category 2 Individual Science Talent Award 
(Top Scorer) Category 2 Individual Gold: 1 student
NUS Geography Challenge 2017  Semi-Finalist, Preliminary Round – Bronze: 1 student 
  Semi-Finalist, Preliminary Round – Silver: 1 student   
 ITE IgnITE Skills Challenge 2017
Creative 3D Modelling – 1st Runner-up
Derma Rouge – Finalists    
  Get Rich $ in ASEAN - Finalists   
Tirukkural Vizha 2017 Literary Competitions organised by Tamil Language and Cultural Society  2nd  
Inter-school Tamil Language Competitions organised by Raffles Institution  Essay Writing Competition – Consolation 
  Monologue Competition – 4th  
Oratorical Competition (Upper Secondary Category) 
- 4th 
Oratorical Competition (Lower Secondary Category) 
- 1st 
Global Village - Children and Youth Bilingual Speech Competition 2016/2017
1st and 3rd placings in the final round
9th International Science Youth Forum @ Singapore  Certificate of Participation - 3 students 
Destination Imagination National Tournament 2017  Service Learning Challenge - Middle Level Champion 
  Fine Arts Challenge - Middle Level Champion
  Engineering Challenge - Middle Level 2nd position
Destination Imagination (Humanities)  1st 
Destination Imagination (English Language) 1st
Destination Imagination (Mathematics) 2nd


Name of Competition/Award(s)Recognition
Innovation Awards 2016     Certificate of Participation - 15 students 
Innovation Awards 2016  Silver - Team 
St. Margaret’s School 175th Anniversary Logo Design5 Finalists 
Commonwealth Essay Competition Junior Category - Bronze: 10 students, Silver: 6 students, Gold: 3 students 
Senior Category - Bronze: 1 student, Silver: 3 students 
Media Computing Competition 2016Silver Award (Game Category) 
2016 University of New South Wales International Competitions and Assessments For Schools (English)3 Higher Distinctions, 3 Distinctions (Writing), 8 Distinctions (English)
Most Improved Students in Normal Stream Most Improved Students in Normal Stream 
Media Computing Competition (by CPDD, MOE)Silver for Games Category 
All Singapore Secondary Mathematics Competition 
for Normal Course Students 2016
Inter-school Story-telling and Writing Programme 3 students had works published in a magazine entitled “Editorial Wind” 
Historical Scene Investigation Challenge and The Young Historians Award 2016Certificate of Participation 
Anugerah Mendaki Award1 student
Plain English Speaking Award Competition 2016Finalist
2016 University of New South Wales International Competitions and Assessments For Schools (Science)13 Distinctions 
Tamil Pattimandra Kalai Kazhagam (Tamil Debate Committee)TL Oratorical competition - Consolation
Kavi Malai (Poetry Writing Competition) One of the top 10 out of 50 students 
Raffles Institution Inter School Tamil Language CompetitionsEssay Writing Competition - Merit 
Poetry Writing Competition - Merit 
Oratorical Competition (Upper Sec Category) - Merit Oratorical Competition (Lower Sec Category) - Merit TL Quiz Competition - Merit
Asian Science & Math Olympiad (ASMO) 2016Gold Team Award, 1 individual Bronze Award, 4 individual Merit Awards and 6 Certificates of Participation 
Singapore and Asian Schools Math Olympiad (SASMO)
2 bronze awards
National Schools Literature Festival 2016Set Text Debate - 1st 
Unseen Poetry Debate - 1st  
Book Trailer (Macbeth) - 3rd 
National Junior College - Scholasticity 2016 Individual MCQ Quiz for Science Category - 1st  
 Team Toss Up Category - 2nd 
Destination Imagination Global Finals held in Knoxville, Tennessee 5th out of 53 teams 
NUS Geography Challenge 2016 Bronze 
Piala Cendekia Sahibba 2016 Competition (for South Zone schools) 2nd 
Destination Imagination (Singapore National Tournament 2016) Middle Level - Champion 
Fine Arts Challenge 
Middle Level - Champion 
Service Level Challenge 
Middle Level - Champion 
Technical Challenge 
Ngee Ann Polytechnic - Mathematics Challenge 2016 Cliched top 3 prizes - 1st, 2nd and 3rd 
2016 A*Star Science Award (Upper Secondary)2 students awarded cash prize of $500 and a 3-day Research Exposure Programme with A*Star
Creative Arts Programme organised by Gifted Education Branch, MOE Writing portfolio shortlisted 
Japan International High School Arts Festival Artwork chosen to represent Singapore 


Name of Competition/Award(s)
Create Your Own Newspaper Competition  1 Merit Award 
"I Love My Singapore" Creative Writing Competition  5 winning entries published in Essay Compilation Book  
Tamil Language Reading Competition  Consolation 
Toy Design Competition   1 Merit and 3 Commendation Awards 
National Schools Literature Festival  Champion
The Queens' Commonwealth Essay Writing Competition 1 Gold, 1 Silver and 4 Bronze Awards
MOE Tamil Creative Writing Competition: Creative Writing Competition Junior Session Consolation
CB Paul Science Quiz 1 Bronze and 3 Certificates of Merit
Youth Entrepreneurship (YES) Challenge Champion
A*Star Science Award (Upper Secondary)  2 students awarded cash prize of $1000 and a 3-day Research Exposure Programme with A*Star
Raffles Institution Tamil Language Poetry, Oratorical and Essay Writing Competition 
Essay Writing Competition - 2 Merit Awards 
Poetry Writing Competition - Merit Award 
Oratorical Competition - 4th

Radio Advertisement Competition Merit Award
aRWSome Apprenticeship 2 students awarded a two-week attachment with Resort World Sentosa
NUS Geography Challenge Certificate of Achievement - Preliminary Round (Bronze) 
SG50 POSB PAssion KidsWrite Programme Recognition by POSB for invaluable role in the creation of the SG50 PAssion KidsWrite Book
Sixth ‘Global Village’ Bilingual Youth Speech Competition 2nd 
Destination Imagination Technical Challenge (team) – 1st
National Chinese Challenge Individual Excellence Award 


Name of Competition/Award(s)
CB Paul Science Quiz
1 silver, 2 bronze and 2 Certificates of Merit
International Biomedical Olympiad
3 Honourable Mentions and 6 Merit Awards
Destination Imagination Global FinalsChampions (Mathematics and Humanities teams) in local round
Mathematics Challenge3rd
Singapore Youth Festival Art ExhibitionCertificates of Recognition for both individual and group submissions
Toy Design Competition1 Merit and 3 Commendation Awards
Kavimalai Tamil Language Poetry Writing Competition3rd
MOE Tamil Creative Writing CompetitionConsolation prize
Raffles Institution Tamil Language Poetry, Oratorical and Essay Writing CompetitionConsolation prizes
National Chinese ChallengeIndividual Excellent Award 
Science First (Sci-Fi) Challenge2nd, 4th and Merit Awards 
Cleantech Park Core Art Competition2 Merit Awards
All Singapore Secondary Mathematics Competition for Normal Course Students13th (Individual placing) and 5th (Team placing) 
Polytechnics Engineering and Science Competition (PESC) GreeniE Award for Sustainable Design


Name of Competition/Award(s)
CB Paul Science Quiz
1 gold, 1 silver
Singapore-China Children and Youths Bilingual Speech Competition
International Biomedical Olympiad4 Honourable Mentions, 13 Certificates of Merit and 3 Bronze Awards
National Day Tamil Song-Writing Competition3rd
Tamil Creative Writing Competition3rd
Raffles Institution Tamil Language Oracy Competition Consolation prize
Raffles Institution Tamil Language Poetry CompetitionConsolation prize
Association of Singapore Tamil Writers Tamil Language Poetry Recital Competition
Eco Design CompetitionSilver, overall 2nd (1 team); Certificate of Merit (1 team)
"Young Illustrator Awards" Art CompetitionTop 20
Food Science and Nutrition Challenge2nd and 3rd
“Do Your Part to Stamp Out Corruption” Poster-Slogan CompetitionMerit Award
Odyssey of the Mind Competition (Lower Secondary)
Qualified for World Finals in USA
Singapore Polytechnic Science Spelling BeeMerit Award
National Earthquake CompetitionMerit Award
Clean Water ChallengeMerit Award
Toy Design Competition3rd placing for 1 team, 2 Merit Awards and 4 Commendation Awards, (most number of winning entries in competition) 
Geospatial ChallengeTeams within top 10 and top 25 positions 
Commonwealth Essay CompetitionSenior Bronze Award
Tale of S e-Book CompetitionOne student placed within top 50 winning authors
National Microbiology Quiz5th
Assumption Pathway School Challenge – Baking Competition 3rd
Extravaganza Comic Competition
1st (Ink Category)
3rd (Graphite Category)
National Secondary Schools Translation CompetitionOutstanding Individual Award