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Secondary 1 Registration (2023 Intake)

Dear Parents/Guardians of 2023 Secondary 1 Students, 

We would like to extend our warm welcome to you and your daughter/ward into St. Margaret’s School (Secondary)1.
Please be informed that the Secondary 1 registration is conducted online.

For students who are eligible to offer a Higher Mother Tongue Language and/or subject(s) at a higher stream, the letter(s) of offer will be sent to you via Parents Gateway (PG) upon the completion of the Sec 1 e-Registration Form (refer to Part 1a under 'Part 1: Official e-Registration Returns' appended below). 

Outcomes of the application for 3rd language will also be sent via PG by Thursday, 22 December 2022.

You are required to complete ALL the forms (3 in total) in the next segment to complete the registration process.

Please also go through all the given information [on attachments 1 to 4] on how to prepare your daughter/ward for school in 2023.

1St. Margaret's Secondary School will be known as St. Margaret's School (Secondary) with effect from 1 January 2023.

Part 1: Official e-Registration Returns

Please access and complete the forms (see the link or the QR code) by the closing date.

Returns    LinkQR CodeClosing Date
a. Secondary 1 e-
    Registration for
    2023 intake 
Thursday, 22 December 2022 
 b. Home-School 
https://go.gov.sg/hsp20232.png  Friday, 13 January 2023

Part 2: Purchase of Secondary 1 Books and School Uniform

The purchase of books and school uniforms are to be done online and details can be obtained from the respective booklist/uniform info sheet below. 

Please purchase your daughter's/ward's PE T-shirt only after she has been assigned the House colour.

Books and Stationery

Secondary 1 Express

Secondary 1 Normal (Academic)

Secondary 1 Normal (Technical)

School Uniform

Secondary 1 Uniform Info Sheet

Other Information

1.     Medical Appeal Exercise (MAE) – Thursday, 22 December 2022 by 12.00 pm  

The MAE only applies to students with serious medical conditions or severe physical impairments and will have to produce documentary evidence or the reason for transfer. Please do not turn up at the school.  
For submission of MAE applications or further enquiries, please contact Ms Doreen Owyong at 6466 4525.  

2.     Application to Transfer Out from St. Margaret’s School (Secondary)  

Secondary 1 students who have appealed successfully for school transfer, will need to submit the ”Acceptance Form for School Transfer” used by the receiving school to the General Office at St. Margaret’s School (Secondary).   
Please contact Ms Doreen Owyong at 6466 4525 to make an appointment to come to the school.