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1960 to 1970

Suraja Raman
Class of 1969

Missionary Lecturer

I count the years, 1966-1969, in St. Margaret's as precious and meaningful ones.The learning experiences through several activities kept us eager learners busy. Our teachers used creative methods that stimulated our intellect to get us involved in the learning process.

I count it a privilege to be in such an international setting! Teachers and students were from diverse backgrounds. Learning from each other's cultures in an informal setting was a joyful dimension. 

This prepared me for the many tasks ahead in service to the country, overseas as a missionary and to our Lord Jesus Christ.

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Eileen Lee (nee Foo Tien Fong)
Class of 1967


Teachers have the power to leave deep impressions on their students.

I still recall my Sec. 1 & 2 science teacher, Miss Heng, who volunteered to tutor us every Saturday morning when our Sec. 3 science teacher was on extended maternity leave. Her utter dedication made a remarkable impression on me. 

Another was Mrs. Tan, our Sec. 4 form teacher, who also owned a travel agency. On weekends, she would "transport" us in her mini-van to places like Johor Bahru for art lessons. For many of us, back in 1967, such trips provided our first overseas outings.

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Ho Pik Yew, Pixie
Class of 1967

In my younger days, I lived in the vicinity of the secondary school. I was indeed pleased to be posted to the school after my PSLE results. 

Through this school, I learnt what integrity and honesty really meant. I could leave my school bag with my wallet in it unattended at the tuck-shop and went to play and nothing would be missing from my bag. Such values stand me in good stead in my present profession. 

My daughter Pang Li Yuan is presently studying in the school. I hope she will also acquire some good values whilst there.

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Goh Wei
Class of 1967

Retired Entrepreneur

My years at St. Margaret’s Primary and Secondary Schools were very memorable and enjoyable. The teachers were motherly and sisterly. Several of my life-long friends came from St. Margaret’s. 

I really like the old primary school at Mount Sophia. In those days, we were able to enter the Istana through a small gate on our way to Orchard Road to have our lunch before ECA lessons. 

I also remember with some amusement a duty of the class prefect – to ring the school bell at the close of every lesson.

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July Menon Croager
Class of 1964  

I hope some of these will bring back memories for many of our members.   



Margaret Lee Kiok
Class of 1962

Retired nurse

I enrolled in St. Margaret’s as a boarder because my widowed Mother had to work and there was no one to take care of me. Today, I thank and praise God for St. Margaret’s and what the school has done for me.

The regimented discipline for boarders, which at the time some of us resented, trained me to give and take, to be responsible and self-reliant. I learnt Christian values and to treasure relationships. These qualities have helped me in my domestic and working life. 

 And with the many good school friends I have today, I am truly blessed.

Lee Soo Kwan
Class of 1962

Retired Chartered Insurer

St. Margaret’s taught me to be resourceful and independent. When students in other schools were getting copious notes from their teachers, we were given only references – ‘no spoon-feeding!’ said our teachers.

St. Margaret’s taught me ‘compassion’. This came from Mrs Martha Holloway, our Principal. I remember her sparing a student from detention class for being late for school because of family problems. I remember her taking another girl under her wings as she came from a broken family.

St. Margaret’s was where I was led to Christ. The study of the Bible taught me life’s true values. 

St. Margaret’s gave me the foundation to handle life’s many challenges.

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Veronica Bird
Class of 1961

Ecumenical Chaplain

My family moved to Singapore when I was 10. I was one of the few European girls at St. Margaret’s. 

On my first day, I arrived without any writing material and Irene shared her paper and pencils with me. At the canteen, my classmates warned me that there were only chopsticks! We sat at a large wooden table with everyone looking at me to see how I could cope. I managed perfectly and enjoyed my first taste of mee hoon. The girls smiled and clapped. 

St. Margaret’s personified my belief that Singaporeans are truly accepting all cultures.

Tay Gek Thin Daisy
Class of 1960s

Retired Secretary

Because of St. Margaret's, I received an education.

I had been hospitalized for many years and when I was finally discharged, I was almost 12. However, the principal Miss Norah Inge still took me in at Primary One and made sure that I stayed in the school's boarding house. She also found me a sponsor from the St. Andrew's Cathedral Women's Fellowship. 

Many less fortunate boarders were sponsored and passed through St. Margaret's this way. It was with the same love at the school's early beginnings, that slave girls were rescued and blessed with a home and education in God's glory.

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