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1971 to 1980

Adeline Sng
Class of 1980

I was enrolled into St. Margaret's Primary School in the year 1970. The years in primary school were unforgettable. It always bring tears to my eyes whenever I recall these memories. 

Firstly, I would like to take this opportunity to thank a teacher, Miss May Chew, who helped me get over my bad childhood. During those dark times, she put me in a social welfare group because she thought that I had Autism. Because of her, I managed to open up and become more sociable when I attended St. Margaret's Secondary School. 

When I was enrolled into the secondary school, I became very active and sporty joining activities which I love. I became more open-minded and sociable after joining Girl Guides. We had lots of fun with Scouts from other secondary schools such as SJI and RI during campfires, hiking expeditions and interactive games.  

The Girl Guides motto of “Be Prepared” became my motto in life and it has helped me in my career and overcome many obstacles. 

After I graduated, I pursue my A Levels. However, I did not do very well. What surprised me most was the subject that I hate most actually became my career for half of my life.  

I did not see myself as an accountant early in life. However, when I saw the opportunity to go to Hong Kong for my career, seized over the opportunity and flew over immediately. I struggled for a few years in Hong Kong due to the language barrier but I eventually overcame it.  

After working as an accountant for 10 years in Hong Kong, I decided to have a career change and got an opportunity to work in an Education Centre and start my career as an educator adviser traveling all over China recruiting students. I also frequently visit Europe to see the students I have enrolled. 

Looking back, I regret very much not taking Geography as a subject when I was in school because all the traveling I do for work brings back memories of Geography lessons I attended at school.  

Now, I share my experience in life with my children.

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Chan Lai Ching
Class of 1977

Administrative Officer

I remember …

…a girl fell in the garden and Mrs Cassim briskly walked from the main building to attend to her injuries;

...Mrs George stopped me along the corridor for my help to straighten a picture on the wall. 

Although as principals of the two schools, they had many important tasks to attend to, they took time to care about a little girl, and a picture on the wall. 

They displayed the ability to handle larger issues while giving due attention to people and little details. In my work, I have found this to be an important life skill.

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Shui Fong Chong
Class of 1976

I miss the wonderful times with all these classmates and form teachers. I hope they are all doing well.


Leung Pui Chue
Class of 1975

Personal Assistant

I spent six good and memorable years in SMPS and four great years in SMSS.I had fun playing around every corner of the old school buildings. We had very kind and patient teachers although some were very strict and fierce.

I made many friends during those years and still keep in contact with several of theme Though we may be separated by continents and distance, our friendship continues. 

My advice to the next generation is to treasure your school friends as these friendships last forever!

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Anne Chung
Class of 1974


Thank you St. Margaret’s for giving me my love for running. My first trophies for 100m, 200m, etc, were received when I was in Secondary 1. My medals these days are from the Vertical Marathon at the Swissotel.
My ties with the School returned in 2002 when my daughter Nicole was in Sec 1 and I became a member of SMESA. Nicole also became a SMESA member in 2006. 
Despite our cultural, age and professional differences, we have found through SMESA & Youth Wing common grounds to meet, to talk, to laugh, to have fun and to serve. We are one big happy family!

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Tay-Lang Ren Jee Renata
Class of 1973


My Primary 1 teachers encouraged the classes to sing if we wanted to go home. I always obediently volunteered. That contributed to my interest in singing and confidence in public singing and speaking.

The Girl Guides movement helped nurture leadership in me. The Bible Knowledge lessons taught me to love God and to have sound moral values and character. 

St. Margaret's has made me what I am today. I am glad to give back to my alma mater — I had taught in the secondary school for a year and am currently teaching in the primary school.

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Tan Siew Kiang
Class of 1972

Personal Assistant

In primary school, when I cried from receiving an injection, my teacher hugged and consoled me, Another time, my hair was ruffled during a game, and Mrs Ng combed it neatly back for me. Many of us did not like the milk programme but the teachers ensured we consumed the milk and not pour it away.

My secondary school History teacher, Mrs Wee's interesting stories helped me to remember dates and names. 

Looking back, I am grateful to the staff who taught me many facts and figures and about love and care. Ithank God for them and our school.

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Lee Lai Yong
Class of 1972


My experience as a student in St. Margaret's has stood me in good stead even till today.

Currently, as Principal of a primary school, I have on countless occasions looked back on my student days to borrow ideas which had impact on the girls positively and effectively. The strong fundamentals which have stood the test of time, have also been adopted by me. 

One priceless gift which I continued to keep is a group of graduates from the year of 1972. We constantly bombard one another with emails, reminisce about school days and meet up in bonding sessions.

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Paula Ng Puay Sim
Class of 1972

Piano Teacher

“Girls, stop fooling around and start behaving yourselves! Your exams are just around the corner. Start preparing and stop playing!” These were the words often heard from our unforgettable principal, Mrs. George.

The fondest memories I had were the lessons taught by dedicated teachers like Mrs. Mabel Wee, our Literature teacher who would recite famous poems and encourage class enactments of Shakespeare plays.

Here's wishing St. Margaret's many good years ahead and that the girls in future would also cherish sweet memories. 

Happy 165th, St. Margaret's!

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Speech Day 1972

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Prefects' Commendation 1972

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Sports Day 1972

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