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1991 to 2000

Michelle Kok

Class of 1997 

Having spent 10 years in the primary and secondary schools, I really loved the culture and environment. Since graduation, I have kept in close contact with my ex-teachers and friends made at school. The nurturing surroundings, the warm teachers and the camaraderie of its pupils, all made it an experience I will always treasure. 

I chose to come back as a teacher as I wanted to return to my alma mater for all it had given me before. I know that I have made the right choice, for I have come home to where I have always belonged.

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Pearl Maria Forss
Class of 1997

Senior Reporter

The St. Margaret's I knew wasn't the glistening building students now enjoy. The classroom roofs leaked when it rained, and we would collect the water in pails. The gymnasium floor had gaping holes and it was so rickety, there were even rumours it was haunted.

But we always looked forward to school because of all the fun we had. We spent much of our time there raising funds for the school ā€” through pledge cards, selling our home economics produce, and a gala charity concert.

We didn't enjoy the fruits of our labor, but as many wise people have said, the journey counts more than the destination.

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Adeline Goh
Class of 1995


The people in St. Margaret's are just like a part of my extended family. 

As a student, the primary school was a stepping stone for me to get to know God and develop that intimate relationship with Him. As I grew, there were many phrases in life that were difficult and the people in the St. Margaret's family provided that support and love that brought me through. 

Now that God's will has brought me back to SMPS, it is an honour for me to serve the school and Him in whatever gifts He provided me with.

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