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2001 to 2010

Park So Yeon

Class of 2010

I have learnt many lessons in my seven years in St.Margaret's. I have been taught to be responsible, to exercise self-discipline but most important of all, to have good character. St. Margaret's is the place where I have gained knowledge through many lessons learnt and I am truly grateful to be given the opportunity to be a part of the school.

Trina Young Xin

Class of 2010

In St. Margaret’s we make new friends and take it upon ourselves to be role models for our juniors. We are no doubt instilled with the qualities good girl and take pride in passing them on:

Studying in the secondary school may seem daunting at first, but the dedication of the teachers and helpful St.. Marg's girls will see you through along the way. 

St. Margaret's to me is a place where a young impressionable girl becomes a confident young lady with virtues that are unsurpassed.

Sarah Lee

Class of 2010

I have learnt many lessons throughout my years in St. Margaret’s. One of the most important lessons is to be a person of high integrity. To show care and kindness to every one alike and to always try my best in everything I do. 

My advice for the next generation of St. Margaret’s girls is this: to have the courage to do what is right, to maintain a positive learning attitude and to ALWAYS uphold the good name of the school.

Sarah Lee 1.jpg

Karyn Teo

Class of 2010

What I enjoy about St. Margaret’s is the environment. One can always find joy, love, peace in the school. Its Christ-centred environment allows me to develop talents to the fullest and grow spiritually in the Lord.

I have a poem for her:  

St. Margaret’s,
Your strict rules I do not mind.
For I know it was all for me.
You have love which touches me. 

I love you because of the chance you give me – 
To learn, to grow, to make my future.

Karyn Teo 1.jpg

Dalreena Poonam Gill

Class of 2010

Three values that I have learned in St. Margaret’s during chapel devotion sessions are integrity, responsibility and graciousness. Through learning these values, I have begun my journey of showing greater care and concern towards others. 

I have learned that these values make me into a better young lady because they build my character. I am proud of my school and will forever cherish the moments I have here.

Dalreena Poonam Gill 1.jpg

Tricia Young

Class of 2010

My advice to the future generations of St. Margaret's Primary School girls is this: whilst life in the secondary school may be drastically different and may seem difficult at first, you will be heartened to know that you can count on the support of friends and teachers in St. Margaret’s Secondary School.

The good qualities of St. Margaret’s girls allow them to thrive and you will be able to settle in the new environment sooner than you think.
Tricia Young 1.jpg

Beverly Lim Tian Ying

Class of 2009

I enjoy the fun-packed lessons that we have. There is a lot of communication between teachers and students and the teachers impart their knowledge and life skills to us.

Beverly Lim Tian Ying 1.jpg

Ang Choon Ling

Class of 2009

I will never tell you: “You can’t make it.”

This was something a teacher once said to me. And these words have kept me going. St. Margaret’s holds many memories for me. I can never forget the joy and disappointments shared with my wonderful mates and teachers.

Ang Choon Ling 1.jpg

Sharmeela Begum d/o Jainlavudi

Class of 2009

Wow! What a caring school this is. I remember falling down at the parade ground once and many girls rushed over to help me. This may seem like a small incident but it was a memorable moment for me because it showed that St. Margaret’s students care.

I have also learnt many lessons from my co-curricular activity (NPCC) – to lend a helping hand when needed and to persevere to the end no matter how difficult things may seem. 

So, I would like to say to future generations: Uphold the school’s core values.

Sharmeela Begum do Jainlavudi 1.jpg

Chelsey Ng

Class of 2009

The thing I love most about St. Margaret’s is its strong Arts programme.

I was involved in a musical production and I cannot explain in simple words how much it increased my love for both drama and singing.

I made some of the best friendships during the production and we were like a family. 

I will never forget our teacher Miss Jane Tan who was an inspiration to us all. She encouraged me no matter what.
Chelsey Ng 1.jpg

Shalini d/o Balakrishnan

Class of 2007

Advice for future generations of students:·         

  • Never give up on yourself even when things may seem bleak because each failure you face is a stepping stone to success. ·         
  • St. Margaret’s is the platform for you to shine, so persevere and give it your best shot, for every cloud has a silver lining.
Shalini do Balakrishnan 1.jpg

Fung Kam Yan

Class of 2007

I have truly enjoyed my four years in St. Margaret’s. I do not regret coming to this school. 

My classmates and teachers were very caring, understanding and helpful as I adjusted to life in a Singapore school. I have made many friends, which is no small feat for someone who is rather shy.

St. Margaret’s has moulded me into the person I am today. The CCA that I joined (choir) has taught me discipline and kindled my interest in the arts. 

We all have good and bad memories of our time here, but I’m sure the good outnumber the bad.

Fung Kam Yan 1.jpg

Valerie Anne Lim

Class of 2007

St. Margaret's Secondary School has given me many opportunities for personal development.

I am not outspoken by nature and do not like to volunteer for leadership positions. However, thanks to the school’s varied programmes and encouragement from my teachers, I have gained new skills and other leadership qualities — and had fun while I was learning. If I should become a good leader later in life, I can honestly say St. Margaret’s had trained me for it.

Valerie Anne Lim 1.jpg

Rebecca Tan 
Class of 2006   

My fondest memory of St. Margaret’s is saying “Goodbye and God bless you” to our teachers at the end of each class. (:

Samantha Khoo Pheng Yan

Class of 2005

For ten years of my life, St. Margaret's has been like a home to me.

It was there that I learnt so much about the value of love. The love that we as students shared for the school and our friends as well as the love that our devoted teachers showered upon us, is something that I cannot find anywhere else.

St. Margaret's has brought strangers together to become part of this family, and our love for our school unites us. It was ten years of wearing those green polka dots without one second of regret.

Samantha Khoo Peng Yan 1.jpg

Melissa Gazder

Class of 2005 

A Tribute to St. Margaret's

St. Marg's, I hold dear to me
Times spent there flood my memories
Of the things when I was in school.
None are as good as these
Through hardships, strife and lots of tears,
St. Marg's has changed through the years
They're still teaching us skills for life
Though we're not being trained and sold as wives
The teachers, as they their knowledge impart
Care for us all, right from the heart
Every day they give us their best
To make sure that we ace that test
Charity, Patience, Devotion
Words we saw every day
Are more than mere decorations
They've helped us along the way

Listen very carefully
To the skills they're trying to teach
These words have a deeper meaning
And they're not just trying to preach

I've said it once, I've said it twice
I'll even scream out loud
That I am a St. Margaret's girl

 And of that, I'm mighty proud.

Melissa Gazder 1.jpg

Fiona Tan Lu Pin & Fanella Chan Qiu Yu

Class of 2005 

Both of us entered St. Margaret's as mere students, but emerged as a chorister and a musician. Fanella, member of the St. Margaret's choir, went on to become the President of the Innova JC choir and is now a member of the acapella group, Acappuccino. Fiona, a clarinetist of the St. Margaret's Symphonic Band, continued her passion in National JC Symphonic Band. St. Margaret's is where we found our direction and passion in life.

We entered St. Margaret's as complete strangers, but emerged as the best of friends. Our friendship began from the simple act of lending a pen. As classmates and best buddies throughout our 4 years in our secondary school, Fanella and Fiona were always mixed up by teachers, despite our obviously different appearances. This was because we inseparable. 

St. Margaret's is the place where our hearts will always be.

Fiona Tan and Fanella Chan 1.jpg

Aneesh Rei
Class of 2003

Life at St. Margaret's is a fundamental building block of my life.

It was when I learnt my most treasured values and morals, one of which was perseverance. This was something that our late principal, Mrs Caroline Lee, impressed on us. I was not a star student with straight As, However, it was through her motivational talks that I learnt the 'never say die' attitude. 

Today, five years after graduating, not only have the morals become a part of my adulthood, it'll be rewarding to learn that my juniors will take my story as an example and strive for excellence.

Aneesh Rei 1.jpg

Mrs. Elizabeth Yang
Class of 2003  

When I joined the secondary school in 2000, we were at the holding school at Commonwealth while the school was being rebuilt at Farrer Road. With insufficient classrooms, us Sec 1s were relegated to the D&T block, where the old workshops had been converted to classrooms.

My class shared a makeshift wall with the next class, and we didn't think anything of a small hole in the plaster until one day during lesson time when a family of rats decided to pay us a visit from their little home inside the wall.

I don't remember what lesson it was, or what we were doing. What I do remember vividly was the sheer pandemonium of 40 Secondary One students leaping up onto tables and chairs, all while shrieking in terror at about 6 or 7 rodents running around the class. I think our teacher was probably on her table as well, and there was only one brave soul who grabbed the broom and dustpan to try and sweep the rats out of the class.

Eventually I think the rats decided they'd had enough of us too, but I guess you could say we were all pretty RATtled the rest of the day!