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2011 to 2017

Edwina Sim
Class of 2015 

There are many favourite memories of my mine in St. Margaret’s. But there’s one in particular that I will never forget and it was after our first sports carnival in 2015. Right after it ended, we laid on the grass in a circle and called out for anyone who wanted to join in for a picture. Many from different classes joined in and it didn’t matter to us who was in it because we were one big family. It was a great moment that I will always remember. We graduated St. Margaret’s with great friends whom I will be eternally grateful for. Friends who I grew up with, studied with, laughed with, and who will always be there for each other no matter what.


Amanda Yap
Class of 2011  

Five years. So many memories. 

We have matured and all of us have gone our separate ways to chase our different callings. Some of us still stay in touch, many of us have lost touch. However, without a doubt, whenever any of us pass by the familiar forest-green school building along Farrer Road, we admire, ponder and reminisce the times we spent there during our adolescence. 

Whether it is the Monday morning devotions delivered by school leaders, the yearly National Day karaoke sessions in the hall or the ‘uh-oh’ episodes when somebody forgets to get their parent’s signature on their Physics common test paper – they all become precious memories that we laugh about and remind each other of years after leaving school. 

We may hate that green polka-dotted school uniform, but should we hear any criticism about it, we immediately become defensive. 

We have also made lifelong friendships that are built upon the solid foundation of level camps, being in the same CCA for five years, tongue lashings we have endured from teachers and ultimately, overcoming the gruelling GCE ‘O’ Levels together. 

Being in Saint Margaret’s has imbued in us the resilience and confidence to excel and to “sit like how young ladies ought to sit, with our legs closed.” 

Happy 175th Anniversary, Saint Marg’s!