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Before 1960

Wong Sooi Loon
Class of 1959

Retired Teacher

My happiest school days were spent in St. Margaret’s Secondary School where the principals and teachers had left a deep impression on me.

Miss Inge was my first principal. I remember I regarded her with awe and fright – such a formidable figure…. but with a good heart!

Mrs Holloway, seemingly stern, was fair and approachable. Following the various ‘visits’ to her office, she soon became my counsellor and I was her ‘Naughty Girl’!

Teachers who inspired me included Miss Isabella Low with her wonderful sense of humour and Mrs Kon and her ‘no-nonsense’ attitude. 

Thank you principals and teachers for passing the torch and joy of teaching to me!

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The Tsang sisters – Marjorie, Sarah & Pauline

Class of 1956, 1960, 1961

For 3 days in July 1953, an elegant couple, Mr and Mrs Tsang, sat outside the office of Principal Norah Inge, waiting for a YES to get their 3 daughters into the School. 

St. Margaret’s, had come highly recommended; and this MUST be where Marjorie (13), Sarah (9) and Pauline (8) were to be educated. 

Even Miss Inge’s huge black dog felt sorry for this fine couple – Daddy in a suit and Mamee in a qipao. Sigh! The Tsangs had just come from Hong Kong and Shanghai. 

Finally, Miss Inge relented as she just could not bear seeing the Tsangs for yet another day; the sisters were admitted. 

Marjorie (Senior Cambridge 1956), Sarah (1960) and Pauline (1961) had great self-discipline and confidence having been taught by notable teachers, e.g. Mrs Kon T T, Miss E Low, Mrs P Chin and Mrs Wong H E. And they later graduated in accountancy, biochemistry and pharmacy, respectively.

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Monica Lim
Class of 1950
Retired Teacher

When I was transferred to St. Margaret's School for my School Certificate year, I was wary and had mixed feelings. Our classroom was a former bedroom of a two-storey colonial styled house and the Principal was Miss Inge.   

My year there turned out to be a happy and fulfilling one. We had wonderful teachers like Mrs Eu, Mrs Kon and Mrs Ng who taught us the main subjects.   

Miss Inge's steely demeanour did not endear her to me initially, but I soon discovered that she was a caring person who would not hesitate to give praise and encouragement.

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