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Term 3 Timetable

St. Margaret’s 176th Anniversary Dinner

On Friday, 16 November, the school will be celebrating her 176th anniversary at St. Margaret’s Primary School, 99 Wilkie Road. The celebration will start at 6.45pm. The theme for the event is ‘Colours of Aspiration’.

All staff, teachers, parents and guardians, students – former and current, partners and friends are invited to join St. Margaret’s in celebrating 176 years of God’s love and faithfulness. It will also be an evening to reconnect with our teachers, staff and classmates. Tickets for the buffet dinner are available at $40 per person and the sale of tickets will start from Monday, 3 September to Tuesday, 16 October.

To purchase tickets for the dinner, please complete the attached Ticket Purchase Form and submit both the form and payment to the respective person-in-charge (as indicated on the form) before the closing date. 

176th Dinner Poster.jpg