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Enhanced Music Programme

The Enhanced Music Programme (EMP) is one of St. Margaret’s Secondary School's niche development areas is in the aesthetics. The school was awarded the National Arts Education Blaze Award in 2015. St. Margaret’s Secondary School also serves as an 'O' Level Music Centre for students from other schools.

The vision of the St. Margaret's Secondary School EMP is to create a community of confident and creative musicians. To this end, St. Margaret’s Secondary School is committed to nurturing musically talented Lower Secondary students who may wish to join the EMP at the Upper Secondary Level. To enter the programme, applicants (at Secondary Two) need to pass a written Selection Test and participate in an audition conducted by music teachers. The audition could be on any instrument, including the use of vocals.

The EMP is a two-year programme starting at Secondary Three and ending with the GCE 'O' Level Music Examinations. A wide range of topics is covered, including the study of Western music and Asian musical traditions. Students will get to exercise their own creativity as they work on musical compositions and have the opportunity to participate in clinic sessions to hone their performing skills. They will also perform music individually or in ensembles (e.g. piano duet, string quartet, etc.). 

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Working on music composition

Apart from classroom lessons that introduce students to the music of Western and Asian traditions, students are also engaged in workshops that provide hands-on experiences (e.g. gamelan workshop and Indian music workshop) to gain deeper insights into the cultural context.


Learning to play the sitar, an Indian musical instrument from a professional musician

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Receiving peer feedback on musical piece

There are opportunities for students to attend composition workshop by local composers. Through such workshops, students become acquainted with real composers and are inspired to think more deeply about communicating their thoughts and ideas through music.

There are also platforms for them to perform at various events e.g. School Partners’ Appreciation Tea and at MOE-organised events such as EMPlify (an annual camp for EMP schools’ students). 

The EMP at St. Margaret’s Secondary School is well-supported by a variety of music co-curricular activities, namely the Choir, String Ensemble and Concert Band.

All in all, the EMP at St. Margaret’s Secondary School aims to develop in its students a strong interest in music and deepen their understanding of music as a whole.  

For queries on the EMP, contact:



Mrs Tham Chuan Chuan


Ms Cecilia Ng


Application for the Enhanced Music Programme (EMP)

Secondary 2 students who are interested in applying for the Enhanced Music Programme (EMP) are required to approach their music teacher for information on the application process in Term 3 of the academic year. The selection exercise consists of aural tests and submission of a video recording of their performance of two contrasting music pieces of their choice on any instrument(s). More information on the EMP can be found on the MOE website and via the MOE Facebook page .

Performing Arts CCAs Supporting the Enhanced Music Programme

ChoirConcert BandString Ensemble

Our Alumnae in the Music Pathway


Grace Wong, an MOE Teaching Scholarship (Overseas) holder, pursued a Bachelor of Music (First-class honours) at the University of Birmingham in 2013-2016. She went on to read Musicology at the University of Oxford in 2016-2017, and has recently returned to join the teaching profession in Singapore.


Evangeline Anne Lim Shyan Ying, received the 2017 Teaching Award for a four-year Bachelor of Arts degree programme at the National Institute of Education, specialising in Music.

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Tsai Gin Tzu is currently pursuing a Diploma in Piano Performance at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts.