GCE 'N' / 'O' Level Art Programme

We offer GCE 'N' and 'O' Level Art for our students. The Art programme is a two or three-year course starting at Secondary Three and ending with the GCE 'O’ or 'N' Level examinations at the end of Secondary Four or Five. The Art syllabus comprises Studio Practice and Study of Visual Arts (SOVA). The creation of artworks and the critical appraisal of artists and artworks are two modes of learning that are central to a balanced art education.These components provide students with diverse learning experiences and skills in visual literacy.


The objectives of the GCE 'N' / 'O’ Level Art course are to:

  • nurture an informed awareness and appreciation of the visual arts;
  • enhance ability to identify and solve problems creatively in visual and tactile forms; 
  • develop competency in the use of art and design principles, materials and processes;
  • foster self-confidence and a sense of achievement through the practice of the visual arts;
  • cultivate an inquiring mind, a spirit of experimentation and a passion for the visual arts. 

Target Group

Students who have a passion for Art and willing to put in time and effort for the subject.


Studio Practice

The Studio Practice engages students in the creation of artworks.  Students hone their observation skills, learn to discriminate visual qualities and give form to their ideas and experiences when they are engaged in art making. The Studio Practice provides opportunities for students to acquire a working understanding of various art elements and principles. It also develops competency in manipulating various art media for self-expression. Students would be given opportunities to explore a good range of media and experiment with different techniques in their studio practice. 

Students acquire skills such as research, experimentation and exploration, idea development, personal reflection and evaluation in the process of creating artworks. Preparatory studies are an integral and important part of the Studio Practice. Through the preparatory studies, students learn to think through issues and problems and develop their abilities to translate ideas into artworks.

Study of Visual Arts

Studio Practice is enhanced and reinforced by critical learning experiences in the Study of Visual Arts. The awareness and critical appraisal of artists/artworks and the context in which artworks are made allow students to experience and engage with the visual arts in greater depth. The Study of Visual Arts emphasizes the development of critical thinking skills such as description, analysis, interpretation and evaluation. It provides students with the opportunities to respond to and discover insights from artists in their works of art. These learning experiences inculcate in students greater appreciation for the visual arts and its role in society.

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