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GCE 'O' Level Drama Programme

We offer the subject Drama at GCE ‘O’ Level. It is a 3-year programme beginning at Secondary Two to prepare students to sit the GCE ‘O’ Level Examinations at the end of Secondary Four. The components of the Drama syllabus provide students with diverse learning experiences and the skills to express themselves clearly and confidently.    


The GCE ‘O’ Level Drama course aims to help students: 
  • develop an understanding of drama through practical and theoretical study; 
  • understand the role of the actor, director and designer in creating a piece of theatre; 
  • hone their acting skills both individually and in groups; 
  • devise scripts to create original drama pieces; 
  • communicate their feelings and ideas to an audience; 
  • foster an understanding of the performance process; 
  • evaluate the various stages in putting on a play; and
  • enjoy drama.   

Target Group

Students with theatre background but more importantly, those with a passion for the subject who are keen to enhance their skills in drama through devising and acting.

Processes / Activities

Students are engaged in drama play, devising scripts and acting throughout the course of the drama programme. For enrichment, students also attend theatre productions during which they will be asked to observe and reflect on the drama practices to apply when they themselves are actors. There are also opportunities for them to perform during in-house drama showcases when family and friends are invited to appreciate their art.                    

Examples of Work Done by Drama Students:

Drama 1.jpg

Physical work: Tableux (Freeze frames)

Drama 2.jpg

Scene from Secondary 2 Drama Showcase

Drama 3.jpg

Scene from Secondary 2 Drama Showcase