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Co-Curricular activities play a key role in the holistic development of our pupils. They aim to provide healthy recreational activities and at the same time imbibe correct values, build character and promote social integration through students’ continuous participation.


CCA Policies

  • Every secondary school student is required to take part in one main CCA, which can be from one of the following categories: Sports and Games, Performing Arts, Uniformed Organisation or Clubs and Societies.
  • Participation has to be continuous with 75% attendance throughout the secondary school course before points can be considered. Absence from any CCA session must be supported by medical certificates or letters from parents stating a valid reason. 

Chinese Dance
 Fencing Drama Club
Floorball Indian Dance 
 Netball Malay Dance
Rhythmic GymnasticsModern Dance 
 Tenpin Bowling 
 String Ensemble
 Symphonic Band

Girls' Brigade 
Agape Club
Girl Guides
Creative Art Club
 NPCC Debate Club
Red Cross Youth  Library Club
  smARTS Media


2021 Sec 1 CCA Registration 

Sec 1 students who were not enrolled into St. Margaret's Secondary School via DSA or accepted through CCA Trials must participate in CCA Registration.

Kindly read the following documents to help you understand the CCA policies better and choose your desired CCA. 

2021 CCA Information and Write-Up  

2021 Sec 1 CCA Briefing For Parents 

2021 Sec 1 CCA Trial Schedule 

Find out more about LEAPS 2 framework.

Log in to your SLS account and click on "2021 CCA Registration Experience - Videos" to view some of the videos shown during CCA Fair 2021.

15 Jan 2021CCA Fair
15 Jan 2021, 8pm to 17 Jan 2021, 12pmCCA Trial Sign Up 
18 Jan 2021 to 22 Jan 2021CCA Trial
25 & 26 Jan 2021CCA Trial Results 
28 Jan 2021 to 2 Feb 2021CCA Registration Exercise
8 Feb & 9 Feb 2021CCA Registration Results Release 
16 Feb 2021CCA Commencement for Sec 1s