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Bounce Programme

The Bounce Programme aims to develop in our students from the Normal Course skills to better prepare them for the future with focus on self-esteem and life skills.

In 2020, our Secondary 1 Normal Technical students experienced the ‘4+1 programme’ for a better transition into secondary school life. Students learnt new skills that were beyond the curriculum and participated in activities that helped them to draw connections between theory and authentic experiences. Some of the enrichment activities carried out in 2020 included the making of ceramics, designing Graphic Novels, and learning Hip-Hop Dance. With their knowledge and skills, students created a “gratitude” showcase and learnt the importance of showing their appreciation and gratitude to their teachers. 

Graphic Novel.jpg

Applying artistic talents during the session on creating graphic novels


Learning to express creativity and build confidence in a fun way during the storytelling session

Hip Hop.jpg

Mastering the steps for the Teachers’ Day Hip-hop dance performance


Focusing on the finishing touches to their mini-pots during the Ceramics session


Succulents and heartfelt notes of appreciation filled the students’ handcrafted mini-pots that were presented to teachers 

The Secondary 2 Normal Technical students focused on Project Work where they researched on societal-issues that some ASEAN countries are facing and shared the culture, entertainment, language, history, attractions and economic activities of these countries with their classmates. The aim of the project is to develop in our students the 21CC on global awareness and sensitizing them to the place of Singapore in the world. Students also learnt how to create a travel vlog. They were introduced to different video-making mobile applications and had opportunities to present their vlog to their friends over video-conferencing platforms during Home-Based Learning days.

To help students to plan and manage their career pathways and learning, the Secondary 2 Normal Course students went for the Experience ITE Programme (EIP) where they experienced and immersed in the authentic learning environments. Elective Modules (EMs) were also planned for the Secondary 3 Normal Technical students to broaden their learning experiences and cater to their needs through applied learning. A teacher-mentor scheme was also put in place to provide additional support to the Secondary 4 students for their ITE Early Admission Exercise (EAE).

experience ite.jpg

Experience ITE Programme (EIP)