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Overseas Programme

In line with the school’s mission and vision of nurturing global citizens, St. Margaret’s Secondary School has developed a comprehensive Overseas Programme that encompasses different aspects of learning.

Our Overseas Programme involves exchange programmes, community service, subject specific trips and partnerships. The ultimate goal of the programme is to educate and expose our students to the world, so as to equip them with essential skills and knowledge that would stand them in good stead in their quest for a better understanding of the different cultures and economic/political systems. Our students would be able to contribute to the global economy in terms of community service or as global citizens in the future.


To nurture global citizens who are equipped with life skills, knowledge and caring hearts, much thought is put into the planning of overseas programmes.

The school decides on the purpose of the trips and how it would enhance our objective of nurturing global citizens. The following are questions addressed in the course of our planning:

  • Would our students gain life skills and knowledge from the trip?
  • Would our students be able to utilize such skills and knowledge in the future?
  • Would our students be able to contribute to the betterment of a community from the trip?
  • Would our students be better global citizens after the trip?

Students are chosen according to the following criteria:
  • Good conduct
  • Teachers’ recommendations / endorsements

Target Group

The main target group is Secondary One to Three students.

However, end-of-year VIA trips can also involve graduating students. 


Basic information is given to the student population to facilitate their decision on which trip they would like to participate in. Students are invited to sign up for any trip but are informed that there would be a selection process. The selection process is as follows:

  • Sign-up by Secondary One to Three students (Secondary Four and Five students are expected to be preparing for major exams).
  • Teachers are asked to provide feedback on all students who sign up.
  • Shortlisted students are interviewed to determine their suitability for the trip.
  • A final list is sent to all staff for endorsement.
  • Students are notified of the results of their application.