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Student Leadership Programme

A signature values education programme offered by the school is the Ethical Choice (EtCh) programme. This programme was designed to develop the moral reasoning competencies for students and is based on Kohlberg's (1975) framework on the stages of moral reasoning. Kohlberg's cognitive-developmental approach engages students with discussions on moral dilemmas. EtCh builds on the school's strengths; an outstanding character development programme, innovative teaching and learning practices as well as dynamic student leadership.

EtCh is implemented through the upper secondary student leaders for the secondary one students. EtCh leaders are specially selected and equipped with skills to facilitate EtCh lessons for their juniors. The student leaders are involved in leadership training and designing of material for the EtCh lessons. Each lesson engages students with a moral dilemma which is linked with the school's comprehensive integrated-values framework. The dilemmas, constructed by EtCh leaders with guidance from teachers, are made more relevant, applicable and contextualized for the students of the school.

The school also offers a unique leadership experience for specially selected student leaders. These student leaders constitute the Student Leadership Challenge (SLC) Board. The SLC Board imparts the five Leadership Practices, as espoused by Kouzes-Posner’s Leadership Challenge, to the school population through mass leadership training sessions and team building activities. Through these activities, the SLC leaders enable others to act by instilling school values and leadership principles in the St. Margaret’s Secondary School students. The SLC Board members also train their peer leaders on facilitation and presentation skills. They guide their peer leaders to deliver the EtCh Programme.