Values in Action (VIA)

In line with the school mission and vision of nurturing caring students, St Margaret’s Secondary School has in place a developmental Values in Action (VIA) Programme, which encompasses various facets of the community. We would develop our girls to become an Others-Centred Contributor who is willing to act and serve another’s need.

The local VIA programme was developed under the following umbrellas: Outreach to the Community, Outreach to the Elderly, Outreach to Disadvantaged Groups and Caring for the Environment.

Secondary 1Secondary 2Secondary 3Secondary 4 & 5
Finding out about and understanding a community need through research
Conducting user-focused VIA and sharing their observations, feelings and thoughts about it
Advocating for the community

Initiating and organizing VIA Project

Students will be actively involved in learning about and exploring the needs of the community.  Students will have knowledge of issues affecting the community and design solutions to meet the needs of the community.  Students may draw attention to the community need so that others are influenced to make a difference as well.  Students will recognise that they can play their part in giving back to Singapore. They will identify an area of community need as a class and apply all that they have learnt in their VIA. 


Our aim is to ensure that by the end of a student’s four or five-year term with the school, she would have experienced the various aspects of community service and developed a sense of compassion for the less fortunate. Hence, she will continue to serve the community beyond school.

Apart from the school local outreach efforts, the Overseas Community Programme gives students a global perspective of the less fortunate and allows them to appreciate the simplest aspects of life. In this endeavour, the school forms partnerships with various organizations to better serve the global community.

The school also exposes our students to service learning on a larger scale as it allows students to take ownership of their own community service and also encourages creativity, entrepreneurship, leadership and camaraderie.

Through the VIA programme, leadership skills are developed and independent learning, teamwork, creativity and confidence are nurtured.


The Values In Action Programme serves to develop in our students a deep sense of care and concern. We hope to see our students caring for the community beyond their years in St. Margaret’s Secondary School, becoming good citizens of the nation and the world.

VIA Form for Self-Initiated Projects

Self-initiated VIA projects that students embark on should be in line with the school and national policies. For more details, please refer to the Student Handbook.

For students who want to initiate their own VIA, they are required to fill out this form:

Submission of External VIA Documents

Students who are involved in external Values in Action Projects can submit their documents via this form:

A photograph or scanned copy of the official document provided by the organisation must also be submitted.

Target Group

The VIA is meant for all students and staff. With each level of students targeting different facets of the community, we can truly take pride in serving the society.

VIA Photo Albums 

National Day Care Packs 2020
VIA Activities 2020


WeCare @ North West - Service Weeks 2020 - Interview Ms Kwang Wan Yi (Subject Head National Education and Values in Action)

Laos VIA Trip 4 - 9 Nov 2019