Concert Band

CCA Schedule

Training Day(s)TuesdayThursday *Friday
Training Time2.30pm-5.30pm4.00pm-5.00pm3.00pm-6.00pm
Training VenueBand RoomBand RoomBand Room
*This is an additional day of training scheduled due to SYF and will only be  conducted one month before the respective SYF Arts Presentation dates.


Ms Florence Chang (IC)
Ms Gemma Lee
Mr Teo Siew Leong
Ms Karen Thia 


YearName of Competition/ AwardPosition
2019Singapore Youth Festival Arts PresentationDistinction
2017Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation Distinction 
2016 Singapore Ensemble Competition  
  • Percussion Ensemble 
  • Gold
  • First Prize 
  • Woodwind Quintet 
 Singapore International Band Festival  Division 2A - Silver Award 
2015Singapore Youth Festival Central JudgingDistinction

Symphonic Band2-iloveimg-converted.jpg

Band - CNY Concert performance.bmp
Band performance during CCA Fair

Band - Bonding session during CCA-CCE.bmp
Bonding session during CCA-CCE session

Band - Contributing ideas during a CCA CCE Session.bmp
Contributing ideas during CCA-CCE