Debate Club

CCA Schedule

Training Day(s)TuesdayThursday

Training Time3.30pm-5.45pm3.30pm-5.45pm

Training Venue(s)Learning Lab
Secondary 2 Classrooms
Learning Lab
Secondary 2 Classrooms

Teachers In-Charge

Mrs Vimi Rethinam (IC)
Ms Siti Noryani
Ms Tan Hui Cheng Cindy


YearName of CompetitionAchievement
2019Singapore Secondary School Debating Championships
 Division II Grand Finals
  • Champion
  • Top 6th  and 16th Speakers Overall
  • Best Speaker of the Finals
 Debate Association Debate Championships 2019
  • Silver Division 
  • Champion
  • Best Speaker
  • Top 8th and 20th Speakers  
  • Gold Division 
Top 4th Speaker 
 2018Hwa Chong British Parliamentary Debates 2018 High School Category - 3rd 
 Thoburn Cup 2018Round 3 Vs PLGS (Win) 
 Hwa Chong Institution Debate Invitationals 2018 
  • Grand Finals - 2nd
  • Best 2nd and 3rd Speakers 
 River Valley High School U-16s Novice Debate Championships 2019Won 2 out of 3 Preliminary Rounds 
 Raffles Debate Academy U-14 Debate Tournament 
  • Silver Division - Champion
  • Silver Division - Top Speaker and 2nd Best Speaker 
 Green Cup 2018 
  • 3rd
  • Best 6th and 7th Speakers 

Debate - Using drama techniques to improve criticial thinking.bmp
Using drama techniques to improve critical thinking skills

Debate - Leaders motivating the club through a reflection session.bmp
Leaders motivating the club members through a reflection session

Debate - Debrief session with Mrs Vimi Rethinam.bmp
Mrs Vimi Rethinam giving a briefing during CCA