Girl Guides

CCA Schedule

Training Day(s)Friday

Training Time3.00pm-6.00pm

Training Venue(s)Parade Square, Girl Guides' Room

*Uniformed groups could have sessions on Saturdays for HQ events. Students will receive additional information from their CCA teachers closer to the dates of the event.

Teachers In-Charge

Ms Tan Yan Tong (IC)
Mrs Esther Lau (co-IC)
Mrs Sharon Tan
Ms Anitha Sekar


YearName of CompetitionAchievement
2020The Baden Powell Award5 students
 World Thinking Day 2020 - Tie Dye Competition 3rd 
2019Puan Noor Aishah Award 2019Gold
 World Thinking Day Carnival Best Carnival Booth
 Camp Challenge 2018  
  • Merit Award 
4th Place Overall 
  • Best Patrol Flag and Identify 
2018Puan Noor Aishah Award 2018Gold 
 Singapore South Division Competitions 2018
  • Captain's Ball 
  • Patch Design Competition 
1st and 3rd 
  • Guides Knowledge and Skill Challenge 

Performance during the CCA Fair

GG2 - World Thinking Day Photography Competition Entry.bmp
World Thinking Day Photographic Competition 

GG3 - Flagrasing duty.bmp
Flag raising duty