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National Police Cadet Corps

CCA Schedule

Training Day(s)Thursday

Training Time3.15pm-6.15pm

Training Venue(s)Parade Square, NPCC Room

*Uniformed groups could have sessions on Saturdays for HQ events. Students will receive additional information from their CCA teachers closer to the dates of the event.

Teachers In-Charge

Mr Eugene Wong (IC)
Mdm Nur Aqilah (co-IC)
Ms Ang Wen Ting
Mr Benjamin Yeong


YearName of CompetitionAchievement
2021 SPF - NPCC Badge 2 students 
 Best Unit Cadet Award 1 student 
2020SPF - NPCC Badge1 student
2019NPCC Units Overall Proficiency Award 2019Gold
 Inter-unit Drills Competition 2018 Top 20
 SPF - NPCC BadgeBest Unit Cadet Award - 1 student 
2018NPCC Units Overall Proficiency Award 2018Gold 
 SPF - NPCC Badge1 student
 Best Unit Cadet Award 1 student 


NPCC - Airsoft Marksmenship training.bmp
Airsoft Markmenship Training

NPCC - Campcraft training.bmp
Campcraft Training 

NPCC - SPF-NPCC Award Presentation.bmp
SPF-NPCC Awardee