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Education and Career Guidance

St. Margaret’s Secondary School has a robust and developmental Career Guidance Programme that has been in place since 1999.

To help our students to be informed of making the right choice of continuing their education in a junior college or polytechnic as well as the various Junior College subject combinations available to them, the school organises an annual Career Fair for the graduating cohort. This is aimed to allow them to have a vision of where they see themselves in the near future and it would be useful for our graduating classes who will be making their decision in the coming year.

The school also organises an annual Professional Guidance Day for the graduating classes as part of the larger Career Guidance programme which seeks to give our students more information about the professions they are interested in and provide insights on the realities of the workplace. This helps them make more informed decisions when planning their post-secondary education and the courses they want to pursue upon graduation.

 As part of the school’s vision of enriching our students through learning beyond the confines of the classroom, we have in place the Work Attachment and Work Experience Programme. Our students explore their career interests through these industrial attachments and are able to make more informed choices about their subjects and post-secondary choices.



Students will:

  • Learn more about the different occupations available in the real world;
  • Discover their own aptitude and talents;
  • Decide on their future career options;
  • Learn the value of hard work and other character-forming qualities;
  • Be motivated to set goals and to work towards these goals.



Target Group

The Work Attachment Programme involves our Secondary Three and Four students during the June and November / December holidays.

The One-day Work Experience Programme involves our Secondary Three studetns during the post-exam period in May.

Processes / Activities for Work Experience

  • Students indicate their job preferences.
  • Teachers screen the kind of jobs for suitability
  • Students are informed of the results and send out their application for the work experience in the various companies offering positions
  • Students complete a reflection journal and share their experiences with their classmates 

Processes / Activities for Work Attachment

  • Potential organizations are identified and invited to participate in this programme.
  • Students are informed about job opportunities and indicate their job preferences.
  • Students are matched to the organizations.
  • Students are briefed about their job responsibilities.
  • Teacher supervisors visit students at their places of attachment.
  • Students complete a reflection journal and share their experiences with the school. 




ECG Resources 

Education and Career Guidance (ECG)
Support and Early Admission Exercise (EAE)
Institute of Technical Education (ITE)
Early Admission Exercise (EAE
My Skills Future
Students are strongly encouraged to explore the portal to access self-profiling tools and information on the courses. They are provided with a guide for password reset if they have forgotten their passwords.

Details & Videos on ITE EAE

Useful ECG Site
Useful information, including admission booklets where course details and cutoff points are listed, can be accessed below:
Support by the School for ITE EAE
Our teacher mentors and ECG counsellor will provide support to our students in their application. Students who have yet to indicate their interest can email Mrs Sharon Tan, Asst. Year Head (Sec 4/5) at  goh_shi_hui_sharon@moe.edu.sg 

Details of Post Secondary Pathways