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St. Margaret's Secondary School NDLP Vision

SMSS NDLP Vision.png

NDLP offers many opportunities for our students to grow and glow.  Through NDLP, the school hopes to see the students develop into individuals who possess the qualities of future-ready citizens who harness technology to realise the schools values and grow as champions of change, who lead with their hearts and touch lives. We also hope to further develop our students as connected and collaborative individuals who possess critical and inventive thinking skills and are able to contribute to the smart nation that Singapore strives to become. They should also develop strong digital literacy that expands their capacities and make them more efficient, dynamically creative and effectively productive. 

The competencies that students acquire through the NDLP will allow them to develop as self-directed learners who are intrinsically motivated to explore new possibilities, actively tap on the affordances of ICT and choose the right ICT tools and skills for an intended outcome. With these competencies, values and attitudes, the students will harness technology to think, communicate, design and engage with the world around them and actively contribute to the development of the society.