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Financial Assistance Scheme

Financial Assistance Scheme (FAS)

Singaporean students may apply for financial assistance from the Ministry of Education. The criteria for eligibility is as follows:

  • Family’s gross household income: not exceeding $2750/- per month
  • Family’s per capita income (PCI): not exceeding $690/- per month

(a)  Information on how to submit a new application for FAS is as follows:

(i)    Obtain the Application Form from the School General Office.

(ii)  Ensure that the forms are duly completed and all required supporting documents are attached.

(iii) Make an appointment to see Ms Tan Ah Fong in the General Office to submit the form personally or through your daughter/ward. Appointments for the submission of forms and documents can be made at the School General Office or via telephone (Tel: 6466-4525). The appointment timings are: 8.15am, 9.15am, 10.15am, 11.15am and 1.30pm.

(iv) Applications can be submitted from Thursday, 2 January. For FAS to take effect from January 2020, the deadline for submission is Thursday, 9 January.

(v)  New applications may still be submitted during the course of the year. However, the FAS will only take effect in the following month after it has been approved. There will be no FAS given for the months that have already passed.

(vi) We urge for all required information to be duly completed and submitted to avoid possible delay in the application.

(b)  Renewal of FAS for 2021
 The FAS granted is only for 2020. To renew the FAS for 2021, a new application needs to be submitted in November 2020. More details be released in October 2020.

For enquiries on the payment of School Fees (MOE Bill)  please contact Ms Jane Loh (Management Support Officer) at tel. 6466-4525.