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Parents Gateway (PG)

Parents Gateway (PG) is a mobile app specially designed for parents. Developed by MOE and GovTech, the app allows parents to engage closely with schools, receive information and perform a range of administrative functions including giving consent for school trips.

The school uses PG fully for all engagements with parents. Hard copies of consent forms and other means of communication will only be provided for a student if none of the parents is eligible for SingPass. 

All Singapore Citizens / Permanent Residents / Employment Pass holders and some eligible Work Permit holders are able to register for SingPass. If you are eligible for SingPasswe would like to invite you to download the free PG mobile app on your mobile phone (available on iOS and Android platforms only) and perform a simple one-time onboarding process if you have not done so. Please refer to the Parents Gateway Instructional Guide or watch this video if you need assistance.

 Currently the school is making use of PG for the following engagements with parents:
1. Consent for school trips 
2. Announcements 
3. Travel Declarations
4. Update of parents contact details
5. Polls / Surveys
6. Book meeting sessions for PTM

Please refer to this User Guide if you need assistance using PG